Greetings from the Rhineland

Writer’s Village University (WVU) and F2K are two of my most favorite writing sites. During F2k, one of the lessons asks the writer to have a character from the book, introduce the author. Below you will find Reisha introduces L. K. Killian.

Greetings from the Rhineland,

     I am Reisha, a shamanic healer from the year 98 A.D.  The novelist, Linda, who lives in present time Alabama, became acquainted with me two years before when she visited my Rhineland home.

        She is not self-disciplined and writes only when she feels the mood. What I will say most happily about Linda is that she loves to travel.  While in Europe, she took many insightful pictures and spent hours putting them into a book.  She has a large family and loves buying too many gifts for them…funds which could be better used for more travel, just my humble opinion.

     I have to tell of one even sweeter aspect of Linda before I leave you. While in Rome, she learned of the Pantheon, early home of the Roman gods.  She was told the Pantheon stands in its present state of beauty due to Emperor Hadrian commanding his architects restore it after extensive fire damage. I found it magnificent to watch Linda step up to one of the marble columns and touch it with the palm of her hand. She loves to connect with history in this way.

     When she returned home, I asked Linda yet another favor. She listened to me once again and bought two books that describe Emperor Hadrian’s life. She often smiles as she drifts off to sleep with Hadrian’s biography on her pillow.   She is fond of telling her friends she “sleeps with a Roman general”.

     Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts regarding Linda. I forgot to say she met Hadrian several years previously on a journey through England when she sat on his wall.  Since then, he appointed himself her muse and took it upon himself to push her to write.  As if she had a choice, more like bully than muse.   I shall not complain as Linda is currently writing our third book, Druid Dreams. 

     Warmest blessings,


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